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10 May
mero laptop

Buy SSD in Nepal

Buy SSD in Nepal Choosing an SSD is one of the most significant factors for a laptop/computer that can enhance the system’s speeds. Prices of the SSD depend upon its company and brands, capacities, features, and so on. SSDs are faster than HDDs, however, they are not cheap as compared [...]
10 May
mero laptop

Buy Laptop Charger in Nepal

Buy Laptop Charger in Nepal A laptop charger is one of the vital components of a laptop because it needs charging to run. So buying the right laptop charger is important because the wrong charger can damage your laptop battery and even your laptop. In most cases, it is always [...]
9 May
mero laptop

Buy motherboard in Nepal

Buy Laptop Motherboard in Nepal We are all aware that we are living in a technologically dominated era, with computer technology being the most widely used. Even though it is a developing country, Nepal has a sizable computer and laptop market. In Nepal, most individuals have desktops and PCs in [...]
4 May
mero laptop

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Laptop

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Laptop The whole of the world is dominated by computer technology. In this 21st century, everywhere there is the use of laptops and computers and thus everyone needs to be familiar with the computers and laptops. Every business, corporate, education, industrial, and other sector [...]
6 Apr
mero laptop

Hot Air Rework Station in Nepal

Buy Hot Air Rework Station in Nepal A Hot Air Rework Station in Nepal is one of the important tools for laptop and computer repairing. They are commonly known for their use to strip paint and weld or bend plastics. It helps to remove components, such as the screen of [...]
5 Apr
mero laptop

Buy Tools Box in Nepal

Buy Tool Box in Nepal The tools box in Nepal is a box that event for carrying tools and protection. They could be used for trade repairing, in various sectors, for instance, electronic and electrical shops, workshops, repairing shops (laptops, mobiles, printers, projectors, and CCTV repairing centers), and house wiring [...]
1 Apr
mero laptop

Multi Meter

Buy Multimeter in Nepal - Mero laptop  A multimeter is an electronic device that measures multiple electronic instruments’ voltage. The new digital multimeter has advanced in that it can measure extremely small-scale differences or fluctuations points. A multimeter has a lot of uses in information technology, it is used for [...]
1 Apr
mero laptop

DC Power Supply

  DC Power Supply Buy In Nepal Dc Power supply l | Merolaptop | Genuine supplier  Introduction: Direct Current (DC) is the type of power supply that transforms the alternating current (AC) into a stable direct current. Direct current is used in the electrical devices’ system as a battery, which [...]
1 Apr
mero laptop

Buy Digital Storage Oscilloscope in Nepal

Buy Digital Storage Oscilloscope in Nepal The Digital Storage Oscilloscope is an electrical device that stores and analyses the input signal digitally instead of using analog techniques. It has different features like an advanced trigger, storage, display, measurement, and so on. Digital Storage Oscilloscope in Nepal is used for testing [...]
31 Mar
mero laptop

laptop repairing tools in Nepal

Buy repairing tools in Nepal Mero laptop was founded in 2010. Which is the most famous multinational electronic devices store, repair, and repair training center all over Nepal. Lots of products are available like laptops, desktops, printers, projectors CCTV cameras, etc. with the perfect combination of quality, price, and performance [...]

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