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The tools box in Nepal is a box that event for carrying tools and protection. They could be used for trade repairing, in various sectors, for instance, electronic and electrical shops, workshops, repairing shops (laptops, mobiles, printers, projectors, and CCTV repairing centers), and house wiring as well. There are a lot of tools inside the tools box such as wire strippers, insulated screwdrivers, Insulated pliers, Electrical tape, Hacksaws, Cable cutters, Spanners, Voltage tester, Safety knife, Hex keys, Claw Hammer, chisel, Torch, and so on. Those are the mandatory tools inside the tools box in Nepal which are mentioned below;

  • Wire strippers: it is used to remove the insulating outer layer from the cables to connect wire or soldering. Some of the trippers use to cut copper wire or cables as well.
  • insulated screwdrivers: These are the most traditional tools but still most useful tools for electricians who need to repair electric devices locked with screws. There are a lot of sizes and shapes available for compatibility with the abundance of screws design.
  • Insulated pliers: These tools protected technicians from the high voltage in that event accidentally cut a live wire.
  •  Electric tape: it is used to save electrical wiring from resistance, heat, and liquids. This tape is made from different materials like PVC, vinyl, copper foil, and glass cloth.
  • Hacksaws: It is the tool that we can use for cutting metals, it has a thin blade in an adjustable frame, these are easily replaceable.
  • Cable Cutter: it is a versatile tool that features steel blades and cuts through every wiring easily. Harder cable shears will make short work of even thicker wiring.
  • Spanners: These tools are very essential for tightening nuts, shape and sizes are most important to achieve a lighted grip.
  • Voltage tester: These tools are used to measure the voltages of wires and cables. This is mostly used for checking the current in a wire for safety purposes.
  • Safety knife: This is not only a professional tool; it is also used for family purposes. The knife blade is covered for safety at most times and only extended when the tool is actually in use, thereby minimizing accidents.
  • Hex Keys: These are used to support screwdrivers and allow them to apply to the torque. It gives support to the mechanic.

Buy Tools Box in Nepal /Online

We understand your requirements and inability in your area, so the Mero laptop brings an online, Tools Box in Nepal a selling facility for you. Mero Laptop in Kathmandu has an official online store that sells all repairing tools box in Nepal Via online and offline as well.

We come with delivery all over Nepal, as we have many stores in Different major cities that make us easy to hand over tools to your location.

If you need more information and have any queries kindly contact us on +977 9745610310, or email us, you can also visit us at Newroad, Pipalbot, Kathmandu for buying repairing tools box in Nepal to start your business and other servicing support.

Different Toolboxes are available in Nepal

You can find competition in every sector of business and now it’s technology’s time. So, you may find different brands and models in the market. Various companies sell tools box in Nepal for repair professionals. Some of the toolbox companies are STANLEY, TOTAL, RONIX, Black + Decker, Bosi Tools, INGCO, and so on.

Stanley 15 Pcs Essential Home Tool Kit, HOMETL-KIT1- 3800Tool Box 19 Inches-2150

BLACK+DECKER Hand Tool Kit (108-Piece)- 4300

Black + Decker Hand Ratchet Set with Screwdriver Bits and Box Nuts 43-Piece-3300

Ingco Mini Drill/Dremal Kit – 130W +52 Pcs Speed MG130 – 3490

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April 5, 2022

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