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Shop the largest range of ‘Second-hand laptop in Nepal’ online

Mero Laptop- One and only Trusted online  used laptop Store in Nepal

Address:  PipalBot, Newroad Kathmandu 

Contact- Phone: +01 5327883 , +977 9745610310 &  Email: [email protected]

Welcome to the Mero laptop, the largest interned-based second-hand laptop online store in Nepal. Located in Pipalbot- New road, Kathmandu. Laptop computers, combine all the components and capabilities of desktop computers. They are portable devices including the display screen, speakers, keyboard, storage, pointing, etc. so they are called notebooks. Mero laptop provides the quality and largest range of second-hand laptops in Nepal.

According to their access and mobility laptops are becoming more convenient devices to use today. Basically, all the functions can run using laptops. Not only portable but they are also flexible and powerful as desktops. Modern technology has developed lots of multifunctional devices, laptop is one of the most popular and smart devices ever used. Which makes human lives better, faster, and easier. Nepal is also the best marketplace for computers, laptops, and other technologies. Up to now lots of Nepalese businesses, education systems, government, and non-government offices, etc. are digitalized and computerized.

Mero Laptop offers you an extensive range of ‘second-hand laptops in Nepal’ cheap laptops which cover all the leading brands like Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, and many more. Our second hand  laptops in Nepal are extremely cheap and can be afforded by anyone.

Why do so many people buy the second-hand laptop in Nepal from us?

Widely known as Nepal’s No. 1 Online second-hand laptop service platform, Mero laptop is all about you. Our main aim is to connect everyone with modern technology. We mainly focus middle- income people who can’t afford to buy a new device for their purpose.

Want to buy the latest laptop? We are here for you. Want you to sell the used laptop in Nepal? We are here for you. Want to buy second-hand laptops in Nepal? We are here for you. We promise to provide the best service all over Nepal.

Before buying the refurbished laptop in Nepal you may ask why we need to choose the Mero laptop for buying and selling second-hand laptops in Nepal. Don’t worry here are some reasons that make us the best online store for buying used laptops in Nepal they are:

  • FLEXIBILITY – Need to upgrade or change any internal and external parts of the laptop? No problem, just contact us we can provide the services at your location. Our on-site staff is always ready for customizing your order.
  • RANGE – If you are planning for buying a laptop, computer, or mobile but you can’t afford new devices. No problem, we are here for providing second-hand computers, second-hand laptops, or used laptops, you can select and order according to your choice.
  • WARRANTY – To ensure you have a piece of mind and confidence when purchasing from us we provide a 6-month warranty on every second-hand laptop, second-hand desktop, and other equipment.
  • QUALITY CONTROL – Although, used laptops differ from the original but don’t worry about the Quality of the device because we have a powerful and skilled team to test every device. Our entire range of second-hand computers and laptops is tested, repacked, and approved by the quality test team.
  • CONVENIENCE – We have a large warehouse with a showroom, and a comprehensive online store of used laptops in nepal; both dedicated to providing the best and most complete service to our customers.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICES: We offer different laptops at the best and most affordable prices. In comparison to a competitor, we are very unmatched which allows us to pass on the savings to you through our cheap everyday discount warehouse pricing on a huge range of Second-hand laptops in Nepal.
  • END TO END SUPPORT– For every kind of refurbished laptop that you purchase from the Mero laptop, you will get the best support all over Nepal from our branches and dealers will care for every trouble.
  • TRACK RECORD – We have been in the business of selling quality Second-hand computers and laptops in Nepal since 2010.

Buy second-hand Laptops Online at Discount Prices from Mero Laptop

Second-Hand laptops are a great and affordable way of purchasing a high specification laptop at a lower expense. We provide cheap reconditioned laptops that are refurbished by professionals having long years of experience, so rest assured you can be sure you are receiving a laptop that has been refurbished by Mero laptop. All of the laptops that we supply are extensively tested and wiped clean of previous data, some would say as good as new.

Mero laptop has been selling second-hand laptops in Nepal to the public and trading for years. We have built up a large number of loyal base customers by listening to and fulfilling their needs. Second-hand laptop center in Kathmandu stores an extensive range of devices by different brands and models for our valued online customers. Below you can choose your favorite laptop.

How to Evaluate Second Hand Laptop Price in Nepal?

Before buying a second-hand laptop in Nepal, you need to evaluate it well so that you don’t get cheated or betrayed by the seller. If you are willing to buy a second-hand laptop in Kathmandu, you are welcome at Mero Laptop.

Here you can evaluate the ‘used laptops in Nepal’ by running them and we will also provide you with genuine information about their performance and condition. Based on the performance and the specifications, we set a second-hand laptop price in Kathmandu.

As a buyer of a second-hand laptop, you need to consider the following factors to evaluate the actual price of second-hand Computer in Nepal;

Ahead of researching on a second-hand laptop in Nepal, do some of your initial research. This makes you what to buy or which laptop is best for you as your requirement. Some of the mandatory features that one should be considered for instance the processor, RAM, Display and screen, Battery Life, and Memory.

  • LAPTOP PROCESSOR: When buying a second-hand laptop from the shop, you should know different models such as i3 laptops, i5 laptops, and i7 laptops. These laptops come with different processors; however, you have to choose a processor that best meets your requirement.
  • DISPLAY AND SCREEN SIZE: Laptops Screen and display size also a paly vital role for you, Laptops screen and display size, more pixel screen has more quality display. You have to choose your measurement according to your needs. Normally 13-14 inches the laptop are more portable than larger laptops but it all depends on your requirement and choice.
  • BATTERY PERFORMANCE: Power performance is also a key feature of laptops, everyone wants long-lasting battery backup time on their device without carrying stress about charging issues. Each model of a laptop is coming in Markets with different battery backup timing. In the case of second-hand laptops in nepal, there should be at least 2 hours and 5/6 hours of maximum battery backup. ‘Second-hand laptop center in Kathmandu’ would like to request to compare your requirements with this important feature.
  • MEMORY AND SPEED: Laptops come with different memory capacities because people use laptops according to their requirements. Most laptops have 4 GB Ram and it is sufficient for personal use if you are a high-end applications user and multitasking user, 6-8 GB is best for you. But in the case of gaming, you can choose 16 GB as well.

After consideration of these factors, you can have an idea of the relative second-hand laptop price in Kathmandu.

How to find a Store of used laptops in Nepal? 

Mero laptop, if you decided to buy a second-hand laptop in Nepal. Once, you may ask is any quality “second-hand laptops store near me”? The answer is yes! Mero Laptop is located in the heart of Kathmandu. You can find us everywhere either on social media, any search engine that will show you our details.

The reason why you need to choose ‘a second-hand laptop center in Kathmandu for buying and selling second-hand laptops in Nepal

  • Home delivery service
  • Provision of accessories such as keyboard, charger, and mouse along with the second-hand laptop
  • Proper repairing and maintenance of the laptop before selling
  • Proper testing before selling the second-hand laptop
  • A warranty of 6 months on second-hand laptops

Apple’s refurbished laptops in Nepal

Apple laptop, popularly known as MacBook is one of the most expensive and high-value products in the world. MacBook is getting more and more popular in Nepal and hence is in high demand. However, most Nepalese are middle-income people and therefore cannot afford to buy a new MacBook. Mero Laptop has a great collection of second-hand laptops in Kathmandu (Apple laptops) from all over Nepal and every one of them is well-maintained. If you love the Apple brand and wish to buy a MacBook but you cannot afford a new one, you are welcome to the Mero Laptop for a second-hand MacBook at a reasonable price.

Mero Laptop buys second-hand MacBook by effectively determining the price and sells it at a reasonable price. Sell second-hand apple laptops to the Mero Laptop at your best deserving price. Along with this, buy a second-hand apple laptop at a reasonable price at Mero Laptop. Mero laptop offers the best second-hand Apple price in Nepal.

Second-Hand laptops In Nepal Return Policy:

We provide the tested used laptops in Nepal devices with the unopened pack. If any devices are found in a damaged condition you can return or exchange them with compatible devices. Any returned computer that is damaged through customer misuse, broken or missing parts, or is in unsellable condition due to customer mistake it can’t be returned and even we may charge according to the condition of the product. We will not accept any devices more than 5 days after you receive the shipment.

If you have any questions please pick up the phone and give a call at +977 9745610310, email us or come and visit us at Newroad, Pipal bot to see our huge range of ‘refurbished laptops in Nepal’. Select your Favorite.

Some FAQ about Second-hand Laptops In Nepal.

-Are second-hand laptops safe In Nepal?

You may ask are they really safe? Yes it is safe to buy used laptops but before buying the device you need to confirm the installed system, storage devices, the malware installed, and other hardware and software parts.

If you came here to Mero laptop for buying any second-hand Computer in Nepal, you will get an amazing discount, a warranty for 6 months, technical support, and another lot of benefits. That’s why are saying it’s safe to buy second-hand laptops in Nepal.

-Where to sell my second-hand laptop?

We are here for providing both services for buying and selling second-hand laptops in Nepal,  just call us at +977 9745610310 for selling your device. We’ll provide the best valuation according to the condition of the device.

-What is the price of second-hand laptops in Kathmandu?

We can’t say the actual price of any second-hand devices, because it depends on many factors like hardware properties, damaged parts and so more.

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