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is team of service center engineers who have gained the experience working in international service centers, particularly in the field of laptop repairing and services. After a decades long experience in laptop repair and service along with the global learning experience in Laptop Chip Level engineering and deep research in Nepal, we have come up closer in a single unit through at core heart of a capital city of Kathmandu.

is led by highly intelligent IT brains for laptop repairing, laptop servicing and laptop support. It is a Hardware and software solution platform, especially for laptop. We are operated to provide pre-sales, sales and after-sales service of laptop and laptop accessories through online and offline modules. is standing as first choice of customers for quality service in Chip Level and Circuit analysis services. is a group of experienced microelectronics specialists who provide the necessary range of technical expertise and support services in laptop repair and maintenance solutions. We have developed our own value chain system. We provide life to the dead materials by adding acting energy in the hardware. We increase the life expectancy of the laptop by servicing it in a most scientific manner inconsistent with repairing principle and advanced tool.


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