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The largest range of ‘Laptop accessories  in Nepal’ from Mero laptop 

Mero LaptopOne and only Trusted online laptop accessories store in Nepal

Address:  New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

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The system can only be formed by the collection of all types of components required to build the system and run it efficiently. Same as a system, to build an effective laptop, all the components should be connected well. If any of the accessories misfunctioned it hampers the entire laptop system. To repair a broken laptop, you need to buy every accessory and it is difficult to find all the good parts easily.

If you are worried about the availability of accessories for your computer, then don’t. Mero Laptop is a place to remove this tension. If you are willing to buy all types of laptop accessories in Nepal under the same roof, visit the Mero Laptop shop on new road Kathmandu.

Laptop Accessories are additional capability or feature devices added to laptops in terms of enhancing the performance of laptops. There are many laptop peripherals in the market, for instance, a motherboard, a central processor unit (CPU), Radom-access-unit (RAM), solid-state drive (SSD), laptop speaker, cooling fan, keyboard, Laptop Screen, Adapter, flex cable, Touchpads and so on. They vary on different brands and companies such as Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Compaq, Acer, and others that are available in the Nepalese market.

The services and products of Mero Laptop are world-class and the price range is so much reasonable. Buy all types of laptop accessories for your laptop and build a powerful system with branded and quality products. The main theme of our service is to save your time by providing all types of laptop accessories in one place and providing the original products. So, if you are planning to restore your old system to new, buy all types of laptop accessories in Nepal from our store.

Upgrade your peripherals in Nepal for smart work

Nepal – emerging electronic market,  we can’t renew our devices from time to time but we have to work according to the time, its better option to upgrade internal and external devices. Mero laptop introducing the genuine laptop parts store Nepal near Piple bot, Kathmandu.

if you are planning to buy input/output devices for your laptop or new accessories in Kathmandu and you haven’t any knowledge then it’s simple. We are here to help you with branded products at affordable prices.

Mero Laptop provides you with the input/output devices of branded companies like HP, DELL, ACER, ASUS, LENOVO, MAC, and many more. Warranty of a certain period on every device is the plus benefit of our store. We operate in both online and offline modes. Visit our site for more details about other items too.

Latest Gaming accessories Buy at discounted prices 

If you are a gaming person and wanted to customize your old laptop with a brand-new gaming laptop, we are here for you specially. Mero Laptop is a place where you can find all types of gaming accessories in Nepal under the same place. Gaming motherboard, high processing RAM, SSD and gaming keyboard with backlight feature, and much more gaming elements are available at our store.

We provide the facility of free replacement of the old product with new and fast processing devices for better access to gaming. Your old laptop can be modified as a high-performance gaming laptop if you use a branded and high-performing processor. We provide different types of high-quality SSDs, RAM, and motherboards which will directly uplift your laptop’s performing power.

Which is the best place to buy laptop spare parts in Nepal?

With the increase of laptop users in Kathmandu and all over Nepal, people need to change or upgrade laptop parts in Nepal. A laptop is a portable device that people carry on hand, laptop accessories in Nepal have potentially grown in demand as these peripherals can upgrade the features of a laptop by connecting both internally and externally. Investing in a high-quality laptop to make sure that your viewing experience is of the highest order is one of the first things you should do.

If you are looking to buy all types of laptop accessories in Nepal, Mero Laptop provides your desired product online and offline. We aim to provide more convenience to our customers for buying laptop peripherals in Nepal. We provide the best service to our customers all over the country which makes us the best place to buy laptop accessories in Nepal.

Upgrade your old PC into High performance

Compatible devices are those devices that can fit in another device and work properly. If a laptop charger of dell works fine on another laptop, then the charger is called compatible with that model of dell laptop. The compatible devices are not duplicates or harmful, they too are branded and fit the behavior of the original one.

Some of the laptop components are compatible with different models and series, which makes customer easy to find respective accessories in Nepal for their gadgets. Technology makes our life smarter than previous. Mero Laptop is well-recognized and trusted by many in the field of laptop hardware sales market. We provide all types of compatible laptop accessories in Nepal. The branded and good quality products at a reasonable price than the market can be seen at our site.

Buy all types of laptop accessories online

The world has improved in the technical field in every aspect. Everything out there is now converted into some digital medium. The online business, online transactions, and online delivery of the products have grabbed a huge area of the market. Mero Laptop is also dealing both ways for the convenience of the customers. The two-way service for the sale and buy all types of laptop accessories in Nepal help the customer to manage their valuable time according to their work schedule. We are online and take all your inquiries and confusion about any products on our site.

If you are busy at your work and wanted to buy laptop accessories for your laptop just visit our site Mero Laptop and choose the suitable product for your laptop. And then add the product to your cart. You can visit our shop with the old laptop and get your laptop customized or can simply order online for the home delivery and service.

How to find the laptop sphere parts store in Kathmandu?

Whether in any organization, business, or college we use Computers to complete our tasks, maintain daily work, store data, etc. to continue tasks in an easier way we need to update and upgrade our devices, and maintain and replace accessories. We need to use branded parts with long-term durability for better performance. lots of cheap, untested, and non-genuine parts available in the market, people got scammed or theft from different stores to solve the lack of genuine laptop spare parts stores in Nepal. mero laptop started ‘Best Computer peripherals store in Nepal‘.

we are too much familiar with the latest technology i.e laptops, mobiles, internet, etc. finding a computer store in Kathmandu is very easy, just open your browser and search ‘Mero laptop’. we are here for providing service all over Nepal or you can find us on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. if you are searching for us from Kathmandu just open your google map type Laptop accessories near me or Computer accessories store near me, definitely you will find us.

Why do so many people buy Accessories from Mero laptops?

Widely known as Nepal’s No. 1 online laptop spare parts service platform, we are working for your flexibility, our main aim is to provide world-class spare parts, which helps to connect middle to high-class people.

Before buying laptop spare parts in Nepal you may want to know why to choose the Mero laptop, here are the reasons that make us the trusted laptop parts store near Katmandu. They are:

Genuine Parts: we are here because of our valuable customers and we have lots of agreements, dealings, and contracts with companies and they are still satisfied with us because we focus on quality.

Warranty: To ensure you have a piece of mind and confidence when purchasing from Mero Laptop, we provide a warranty according to parts.

Flexibility: Need to upgrade or replace any accessories of the laptops? Don’t worry just contact us we are always ready for providing service to your home.

Range:  Online PC accessories In Nepal- Mero laptop, provides genuine parts at affordable prices. Obviously, our price ranges are less than other retailers.

Quality: We maintain the quality of our products, we import products directly from the genuine store, which are already tested. You don’t need to worry about the quality of products.

Convenience:  we have a large warehouse, and our showroom online and offline, you can visit our sites for information, and learn about the products.

End-to-end support: for every kind of accessory that you buy from Mero Laptop. You will get the free support during warranty time and we provide

Types of laptop parts available in Mero Laptop

A fully managed laptop can only be built if and only if the accessories used on it are well functional and of good quality. Otherwise, the laptop cannot be fully functional and deliver the service that it was bought for. Mero Laptop provides a variety of options for every type of accessory at our store. We provide the best quality products for your laptop’s better performance and that too at a very reasonable price than in the market.

The types of laptop accessories we provide at Mero Laptop are:

Keyboard: If you are searching for the laptop keyboards for your out-of-service laptop or to customize your laptop with a gaming keyboard then you don’t have to worry. We provide you with a variety of laptop keyboards of different brands with good quality and reasonable price. Click Here! for visiting our keyboard store.

Motherboard: If you are searching for a motherboard with high-performance power for your out-of-service laptop or to customize your laptop with a gaming motherboard then you don’t have to worry. Mero Laptop provides you with a variety of laptop motherboards of different brands at our store at Newroad. Click Here! for visiting our Motherboard store.

Laptop Fans: Are you worried about the excessive heating of your laptop? The heating can cause many disfunction to your laptop if not taken care of it. The high-blowing CPU fans help your computer to work well on very power-consuming work too. Click Here! for visiting our Fan store.

Laptop Battery: If you are worried about the charge drainage problem in your laptop batteries, then we are just a click away from you repairing your battery. New batteries as well as compatible with many other laptops are available at our store. You can order as well as visit our shop at Newroad for buying a brand-new laptop battery. Click Here! for visiting our Battery store.

Laptop Charger: If there is no charger to charge the laptop then there is no use for the laptop, one can’t even open the laptop. So, it is an important accessory for any electronic device. Click Here! for visiting our charger store.

CPU: Are you worried about the slowness of your laptop? The high-processing CPU helps your computer to work well on very power-consuming work too. CPU helps in making a laptop fast processing. Click Here! for visiting our CPU store.

RAM: If you want to increase your main memory and can’t find a better and trustable place to replace it, call Mero Laptop for the best service in town. Click Here! for visiting our RAM store.

Hard disks: Hard disks are rarely found devices nowadays. Many companies, servers, and colleges need it to store data and transfer data from one computer to another. So, if you are willing to buy a Hard disk in Nepal, buy it from Mero Laptop. Click Here! for visiting our Hard disk store.

SSD: If you want to increase your external memory and can’t find a better and trustable place to replace it, call Mero Laptop for the best service in town.  We have a variety of SSDs at our store, you can choose according to your need.  Click Here! for visiting our SSD store.

Speaker: Speakers are an integral part of any laptop. The different varieties of speakers of different brands are available at our store. Do visit once and give us a chance to show you our service. Click Here! for visiting our Speaker store.

If you have any queries about laptop parts, prices, and others just call us at +977 9745610310 or visit us at Newroad, Pipal bot to see our huge range of ‘Laptops accessories in Nepal

Some FAQs About laptop parts store in Kathmandu

which is the genuine laptop parts store in Kathmandu?

There are lots of stores that claim themself as the best laptop store, but it needs genuine and quality products. only mero laptop maintain the quality on products.

How to buy computer accessories in Nepal?

Mero laptop introduced the online platforms where you can buy all types of laptops, laptop accessories, computer parts, and other peripherals.

How can I buy PC peripherals from Mero laptop?

At first, select your needed product and continue the payment method. we are always ready to provide the services.

Delivery services are available or not?

Yes! we have delivery services all over Nepal.

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