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The Nepalese laptop market is captured by the different brands of laptops such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus, the laptop screen in Nepal, etc. They come in different sizes, specifications, and prices. Based on their specifications, quality and model, we can find a variety of Screens in the Nepalese market. It is a well-known fact that the higher the number of users of laptops, the higher will be the demand for laptop parts and accessories. A very high number of laptop users demand screens in high quantity.

Buying a laptop screen in Nepal is not an easy task. There are so many shops claiming to be authorized sellers of laptop screens. However, very few of them offer quality laptop screens and reliable information about them. Common categories of the laptop screen in Nepal are, True-life Full HD or UHD panels, IPS panels with a wide-viewing angle, High brightness, or anti-glare Screen. At Mero Laptop, you will get to buy all of these laptop screens at a reasonable price.

HP/Dell/Lenovo/Acer/Asus’s laptop screen price in Nepal

Based on the feature, type, and quality, laptop screen prices differ. Laptop screen price is one of the most important factors that represents the quality of a laptop screen. There are several laptop screen sellers in Nepal charging different prices. If you are a price-sensitive person, Mero Laptop is the best place for you to visit to purchase a laptop screen. We have laptop screens of all kinds and all brands. Mero Laptop is probably the only shop where you can get all brands and all kinds of laptop screens. We charge a price based on the official laptop screen on the market, it depends on the brands and models such as Dell laptop touch screen price in Nepal, HP laptop screen price in Nepal, and so on, and started from Rs. 5000 to 30K.

At Mero Laptop, you can have a great deal of laptop screen prices in Nepal. We offer genuine and reliable laptop screens along with probably the best laptop Screen price in Nepal. You can even visit our website for further information on the availability of laptop screens in Nepal and their respective laptop screen price in Nepal.

Visit and buy Laptop Screen online store in Nepal

Mero Laptop has been offering laptop screen replacing as well as laptop screen selling services for many years. When it comes to buying a laptop from Laptop Screen online store in Nepal, you need to consider certain important factors such as your laptop brand and model, laptop screen type that supports your laptop model, your budget, and available laptop screens in the market, buy laptop screen online in Nepal, and a last but not the least, a reliable laptop screen seller.

At Mero Laptop, you get all the laptop-related deals such as laptop repairing, laptop parts and accessories replacement, laptop screen selling, and so on. It doesn’t matter which series or brand of laptops you are using; we have stock of all brand and model laptop Screens. It’s ok if you are confused with the Screen type your laptop supports because we will find it out and have your laptop screen replaced within the shortest possible time. Mero Laptop offers by far the best laptop screen price deal in Nepal.

Things to Consider Before Buying a LED/LCD laptop display in Nepal

The laptop screen is one of the most important and expensive parts of a laptop. Before buying a laptop screen, you need to consider certain things so that you won’t have to regret it in the future. Following are the things to consider;

  • Your laptop brand and model name
  • Your laptop screen type
  • Your budget
  • Laptop screen prices in the market
  • Choosing the seller
  • Warranty and guaranty available
  • Consultation with the friends and circle

You need to consider and analyze all of these factors and then finally decide to buy the laptop screen. Otherwise, you might have to regret it in the future because you may get a poor-quality display, an over-price laptop screen, or screen failure.

Note: please make of laptop screen price before buying, because the price of the laptop screen may change according to market conditions. 

Some of the FAQs of Laptop screens in Nepal are;

Which is the best laptop online store in Nepal?

Including Kathmandu and all over Nepal, the Mero laptop has a Quique identity as the best laptop screen online store in Nepal.

What is the cost of a laptop screen in Nepal?

As you know that it depends upon the laptop’s brand, model, series, and display types as well, however, a wide price range of 5,500 to 20,000 for different laptops.

What causes laptop screen damage?

Internal crack might occur due to excessive force on the screen. There might be other reasons like some object hitting the screen, a drop, and holding the laptop by its screen.

Where to find a laptop screen in Nepal?

To find a laptop screen online in Nepal, you can go to the browser and search Mero laptop or you can simply visit the showroom at Kathmandu, Pipalbot, Newroad.

Which Screen is the best?

Two types of screens are available in the market, that is LED and LCD. LED means light-emitting diode and LED means Liquid crystal display. We recommended that you choose an LED screen when you are buying a screen for your laptop.

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