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The laptop fan in Nepal is used to reduce the device’s temperature which both limits heat exposure to the hardware and makes the device itself more comfortable to use. The laptop already includes a cooling fan into the laptop after some time it may not work, it can be replaced on the laptop/notebook, and so on. Prolonged temperature vulnerability can damage laptop components over time.

Internal laptop fans help laptop for faster speeds, but the fan itself doesn’t make the laptop performance faster. The laptop fan is connected to the Central processing unit and graphics processing unit for sinking heat. The major heat is produced by the central processing unit and graphics processing unit inside of the laptop. Cooling fans protect themselves from damage and maintain the temperature of the laptop.

Mero Laptop is a leading official laptop fan seller in Kathmandu and lies in pipalbot, Newroad.  Buying a laptop fan in Nepal, you have to consider its size, dimension, compatible model, compatible laptop brand, and other specifications. Finding all types of laptop cooling fans, you can simply visit our official website. The laptop fan in Nepal varies in different features and quality for all of them with corresponding features and specifications.

Laptop fans buying online

Nepal has the biggest market for electronic and laptop peripheral devices as well, as Kathmandu is the biggest city in Nepal. Norway’s, laptops come up with Ac fan, but everyone cannot afford that expensive laptop.  And still, people use laptops where the fan is used to maintain laptop temperature. If you are facing overheating problems on your laptop devices, either you have to service your laptop or replace your cooling fan. Mero Laptop is for your online and offline shopping experience with free fitting facilities.

Mero laptop is selling the laptop fan in Nepal online via a website that’s “Mero Laptop” and also provides offline service from its store at pipalbot, Newroad, Kathmandu, Nepal. We have different cooling fans that are compatible with different brands of laptops for instance Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, and so on. In addition, we recommend you make sure your desired laptop cooling fan’s model, series, brand, size, dimension, power consumption, and so on.

Price of Laptop Fan for Nepali Market

The price of each product may vary with the change in the market price. The price range for every brand of fans is mentioned below:

Dell laptop fans are no doubtable the best-seller products in Nepal. The average range of Dell Laptop fans prices in Nepal can be found between Rs 2500 to Rs 5500. The prices depend upon the quality and power of the fan.

The price range for all the Lenovo laptop fans lies between 1400 onwards

Asus and HP laptops are now evolved into gaming laptops in the near time. The power consumption of these laptops is very high. And they also need a very powerful fan to cool down the processor. The price range starts from 1500 onward.

Things to consider before buying a laptop fan in Nepal

As we earlier Mentioned, the Laptop fan in Nepal is based on different sizes, dimensions, models, and brands as well. Before you buy a laptop fan, you have to be sure about your laptop brands and series. After then, it depends on its size and dimension, laptop cooling fan carries price on its quality and durability.

The more things to the fan’s speed, the better its performance and efficiency. The average speed range for any cooling fan should be around 5000 to 5000 RPM. You should also look for any adjustable speed variant that the fan provides so that you can change it as per your desire.

Why choose Mero Laptop, for laptop fans in Nepal

You simply find many resellers in the market but finding a quality and trusted distributor in the market is a bit tough. So, Mero Laptop is one of them that constantly provide quality and genuine laptop fan in Nepal including the biggest cities Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. We also offer discounted prices with delivery and Setup services all over Nepal.

How to find us

Finding us is quite an easy job for the customer, we are located at the heart of Kathmandu, Pipalbot, Newroad. for online shopping kindly visit us at our official website that’s Where you can see laptop cooling fans in Nepal’s specifications and features and buy from there as well. If you feel any incontinence, can contact us below given contacting details and visit on mentioned address as well.

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