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The processor is a significant component of laptops and it matters in Laptop/computer’s performance.  The CPU gives the instructions and processing power to the laptop required to do its work. Processors depend on their capacities, the more powerful and updated processor performance faster and can complete its tasks. There are two major companies of processors, Intel, and AMD which are very popular in the Nepali market. People choose only two of these companies because of they were founded more than fifty years ago in the Silicon Valley part of California.

The thing is that today’s generation is in an era of technology, and it lies in computing. Everything is incomplete without computer systems and a fast-running internet connection. We can see that there are many things on computers/laptops but the significant part that runs laptops run is a Center-process-unit. The processor is the logic circuit that responds to and processes the general instructions that run a computer.

Buy processor in Nepal, Mero Laptop provides different models and series of processers in Nepal, Kathmandu. It has online and off lines stores on the new road.  We have a variety of processors stoked at our Wearhouse such as intel core 2 duo, Core i3, core i7, core i9, and AMD Ryzen processors such as RyzenTM  9, RyzenTM  5, and so on.

Buy all generations of processors Online

After some time of use of your laptop/computer, you may need to change or upgrade your processor, we are here for your online shopping experience for the brand processor in Nepal and distribute all over the country.  With the Mero laptop, you can enjoy different skims and discount on genuine process price in Nepal. We are offering the best processor price in Nepal to compare with other online sellers.

If you are planning to buy genuine laptops/computers processor in Nepal or any further information. Please kindly contact us at +977 9745610310, you can email us, and you also can find us on different social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on, we have repairing servicing support as well. If you are planning to our location, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to our showroom at the new road, Kathmandu.

Things have to consider while buying a CPU.

When we are buying a processor from any place, there are some things that we should consider before buying. There are several choices in the market, here you will find a summary of the types of the available processors in Nepal.

  1. Core: Some years ago, all the processors came with a single core. Since then, multi-processor has become more popular as the software has been designed to use multi-core technology so, the single-core processor becomes an exception. When buying a processor, you have to decide how many cores are needed or necessary for you.
  2. Cache: A cache is similar to the memory of laptops; it is a small amount of very fast memory designed for temporary storage. Cache memory allows a computer to retrieve the files that are in the processor’s cache very quickly. The large cache will be able to store for that quick retrieval.
  3. Socket Compatibility: It is a primary concern when it comes to buying a CPU, socket compatibility enables the areas between a motherboard and its processor. If the motherboard has already been acquired with CPU, check carefully that the procedure installed is compatible with the motherboard’s socket.
  4. Frequency: Processor frequency is measured in hertz (Hz), it is the speed at which it generates. In terms of CPU, a processor at a lower frequency may perform better than a CPU running at a higher frequency because of the infrastructure of the CPU.

Visit a huge computer processor store in Nepal

Mero laptop, a huge collection of laptops and computer processors store located in Kathmandu. You can easily purchase your required CPU from the Merolaptop at reasonable and affordable prices. Just add to the cart and confirm your order. We provide cash on delivery on your doorstep at low-cost cash on delivery,

Buy Computer Processors Online from

There are different types of CPUs available in Nepal, and it has different prices according to their models and brands as well. Some of the latest processor prices are given below;

S. No Model Prices
1. Intel Core i3 10100  Rs 14,500
2. Intel i5 10400F Rs 24,000
3. Intel Core i7 10700 Rs 44,800
4. Intel i9 10900F Rs. 68,800
5. AMD Ryzen 5 3500 Rs 21,725
6. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Rs 46,000
7. AMD Ryzen 9 3900 Rs 72,000


Note: Above prices can be changed according to the market. so if you are planning to buy any product you need to confirm prices. 

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