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RAM (Random Access Memory) is the internal memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store data until the machine is working. RAM is a volatile memory which means data stored in it is lost when we switch off the computer or if there is a power failure. There are different types of laptop RAM in Nepal that are available in the Nepali market according to their speeds, capacities, and memory sizes. The most popular RAMs which are available in Nepal include DDR RAM, DDR2 RAM, DDR3 RAM, and DDR4 RAM. These RAMs come in different capacities like 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

Buying RAM is not an easy task we should consider many things before buying. We have to make sure of their types, size, capacities, and prices while choosing RAM. The DDRD5 is available in the Market, and DDR4 is the most popular RAM in the Market. DDR4 RAM price in Nepal is quite expensive in comparison to DDR3 and DDR2 because it’s the fastest and more reliable than others.

Visit and buy your desired Laptop RAM online in Nepal-Mero Laptop

Are you planning to buy RAM online In Nepal?  Mero Laptop is a leading online store for buying laptop RAM online in Nepal which is available in every place in Nepal. We offer high-quality, reliable, and durable RAM all over Nepal. We provide RAM online in Nepal with different brands including Kingston, Adata, SK Hynix, Samsung, and so on.

So, if you want to buy RAM online in Nepal, simply go through the Mero Laptop and place your desired order online from our official website or kindly visit our showroom. After then it will be handily delivered to your doorsteps. We offer the safest online payment method and you will have benefits with the quickest shipping with cash on delivery, a company warranty, and an effortless return policy as well.

Different RAM available online in Nepal

You can buy different types of RAMS in Nepal according to their speeds, capacities, and memory sizes. They are also available at different price ranges. Some of the most popular types of RAMS available in Nepal are as follows:

  • DDR RAM: It is the first generation of DDR SDRAM memory which stands for Double Data Rate RAM. It is the advanced version of SDRAM which has greater bandwidth than the primary single data rate.
  • DDR2 RAM: DDR2 is the successor of DDR RAM which means it is the second generation of DDR SRAM. It is capable of transferring data faster than DDR because of the improved I/O bus signal.
  • DDR3 RAM: DDR3 RAM is the third generation of DDR which transfers data twice at the same time. DDR3 is capable of transferring data faster than DDR2 and DDR RAM. DDR3 ram price in Nepal is cheaper than DDR4 ram and expensive than DDR2 and varies according to model and brand.
  • DDR4 RAM: DDR4 RAM is the fourth generation of DDR SDRAM which transfers data twice at the same time with high bandwidth. DDR4 is more capable of transferring data faster than DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3.

 DDR4 16/32 GB Laptop RAM price In Nepal

The Laptop RAM price in Nepal depends on its speed, capacities, laptop brand, model, series, and other features of RAM. Some of the latest laptop Ram prices in Nepal are given below as the recent Nepalese market scenario.

Random Access Memory price list in (May 2022)- Updated

Model Price Brand
DDR4 4Gb 2666MHz SO-DIMM






4GB 1600MHz DDR3 3,375 Hikvision U1(Desktop)






Hikvision U1(Laptop)
4GB DDR3 1600Mhz

8GB DDR3 1600Mhz

16GB (8GB*2) 3200MHZ











Please note: The above Laptop RAM price in Nepal is according to the recent market based, it might be up and down due to fluctuating market scenarios. so, make sure before buying your desired Laptop ram in Nepal.

Some  FAQs of Laptop Ram in Nepal are; 

What is the cost of 4GB RAM for a laptop in Nepal?

We can’t say exactly, however, that the cost of 4GB RAM is around    Rs.2000 to 4500 in the Nepalese Market. It depends on market fluctuation as well.

can I use any RAM for my laptop?

Yes, but a RAM module for a laptop is always a form of factor type SODIMM. This is more compatible than DIMM. This is the very first thing you must have to consider in your choice of RAM for your Laptop.

Can you add RAM to a laptop?

Most the laptop comes up with an extra RAM slot where we can adjust the extra RAM, if you don’t have an extra slot, we can simply remove the existing Ram and replace it with higher capacity RAM

What type of RAM do I need?

The memory on a single RAM stick can be different, with the higher capacity RAMs being more expensive. For non-gaming laptops have between 4 to 8GB of RAM, but in terms of gaming, you’ll want at least 16GB or more.

Where to find laptop ram online in Nepal?

If you are planning to buy a laptop ram online in Nepal from a trusted online shopping center, go through our official website

Which is the best place to buy a laptop Ram in Nepal?

No worries, Mero laptop sells quality, reliable, and official products online and offline both from New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

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