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Buy Multimeter in Nepal – Mero laptop 

A multimeter is an electronic device that measures multiple electronic instruments’ voltage. The new digital multimeter has advanced in that it can measure extremely small-scale differences or fluctuations points. A multimeter has a lot of uses in information technology, it is used for troubleshooting hardware devices to figure out whether the current is getting enough or not or existing IT setup by hardware professionals.

All the multimeter is available in Nepal, it can measure resistance and continuity to check for broken wire, Current and voltage measurement can hold data and backlit display to keep working safe and fast. Buy Multimeter in Nepal from Mero Laptop, it has two AAA batteries installed, and a smart strap TM as well.

Buy multimeter In Nepal/ Online

Now in this digital world, we are heading towards online business and online shopping markets In Nepal. There are rare shops that sell A digital multimeter, Buy a multimeter online in Nepal from guru computer solution. We have an official online store with all the repairing tools in Kathmandu. If you paining to change or Buy a Multimeter in Nepal, we can deliver it all over Nepal. We are a trusted online shopper who are delivering repairing tools all over Nepal for more than a decade.

Different Multimeters are available in Nepal.

Various brands are available in Nepalese markets such as UNI-T, Ronix Tools, Stanley, BOSI, RELIFE, Sonel, VICI, Jakemy, Fluke, and others. There are also color variants like multicolor, yellow, red, black, white, green, blue, and silver. You found some of the multimeters in Nepal at this price ratio.

Different Multimeter In Nepal Price 
Fluke 107 Digital multimeter, CAT, 600V 12600
Fluke 101 Digital multimeter, CAT, 600V  6400
Sunshine DT-20N Multimeter Digital Touch Screen AC DC Voltage 3800
RELIFE DT-01 3 in 1 Pen-type Digital Multimeter 3150
Sonel Digital Calmp Meter Multimeter CMP-401 21622
Sonel Digital ‘Buy Multimeter in Nepal’ Voltmeter Ammeter CMM-10 7734


We have different co-operative servicing partners such as guru computer solution, nep guru, and Acer service Nepal. If you need further information you can contact us Via Email, conduct number, or social media platform. 

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April 1, 2022

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