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Buy Hot Air Rework Station in Nepal

A Hot Air Rework Station in Nepal is one of the important tools for laptop and computer repairing. They are commonly known for their use to strip paint and weld or bend plastics. It helps to remove components, such as the screen of the laptop easily but need to be careful of the heat temperature. Mero Laptop is both an online and offline store where you can find different types of hot air rework stations.

In the repairing field, a hot air rework station is a very essential device that needs for the soldering and resoldering of IC components. Sometimes it Also helps for opening devices like laptops, computers, mobiles screens and so on. It has some functions like warm up quick, Digital Led display, Automatic Cooling Function, Accurate temperature, and so on are given below in detail. 

Warm-Up Quick: Hot air gun controlled soldering station quickly heats up to the set temperature within 3-5 seconds. The highest temperature of the Hot gun is 500 ° C.

Digital LED Display: Available with Unique Rework Station With digital LED display, high performance, temperature stabilization, and airtightness.

Automatic Cooling Function: it can effectively extend the life of the heater and protect the heat gun from burnt. This is safe for the user. It also has memory temperature features, Turn the hot air rework station at a certain temperature. it will quickly increase heat temperature.

Accurate Temperature Control: Keep the pins intact when removing BGA ICs. Much safer and more reliable. Blowing the PCB won’t blow it

Much safer and more reliable. This product is essential for repairing mobile phones, laptops, PCBs, etc. It is suitable for soldering multiple components, including SOIC chips, QFPs, PLCCs, BGAs, etc. (especially flat cables and cable connectors).

Buy Hot Air Rework Station in Nepal/ Online

If you are searching for a hot air rework station in Nepal, then Mero Laptop is the best online platform for your purchase process. You can buy different types of hot air rework stations from our site. You can also learn various information about it on our page. We offer a genuine product at the most promising price. We provide free and fast delivery service Inside valley and also delivery all over Nepal.

If you prefer to buy repairing tools online, it saves your money, and time and easy to receive products at your home. Technology makes it easy for people to find their desired products online and this is now a popular medium to buy and sell for everyone.

If you need further information, please kindly call us at +977 9745610310, can email us, and you can also message us on different social media like (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). And we also have service support as well. If you want to visit our shop, it’s our honor to welcome you here at Mero Laptop in Kathmandu, Pipalbot, New Road.

Different Hot Air Rework Stations available in Nepal

We, Mero Laptop provide different types of Hot Air Rework Station in Nepal. You can choose any kind of brand as per your requirement. You can buy from our online shop or you visit our store in Newroad, Kathmandu. Different companies distribute and deliver Hot Air Rework Station in Nepal, for instance, BAKU, SUGON, and Sunshine. Some of the Hot Air Rework Stations in Nepal are given below.

  • BAKU BK-601D Hot Air Rework Station     – 8500
  • BAKU BK-858D Hot Air Rework Station     – 4500
  • SUGON 858D Hot Air Rework Station          – 3500
  • SUGON 8610DX Hot Air Rework Station     – 28000
  • SUGON 2020D Hot Air Rework Station        – 15000
  • SUGON 8620DX Hot Air Rework Station     – 33000

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April 6, 2022

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