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Buy SSD in Nepal

Choosing an SSD is one of the most significant factors for a laptop/computer that can enhance the system’s speeds. Prices of the SSD depend upon its company and brands, capacities, features, and so on. SSDs are faster than HDDs, however, they are not cheap as compared to the hard drive disk. An SSD doesn’t have a disk drive, it has digital data stores, is faster, and is used to increase the speed of the systems and storage as well.

Normally, the latest laptops come up with Sloid-state-drives, if you have the oldest laptops or need to upgrade your laptop performance. You can buy SSD in Nepal, and Kathmandu at affordable prices from Mero Laptop. We provide genuine products with discounted prices and warranty facilities online and offline as well.

Buy SSD in Nepal/Online

It’s time to bring some revolution in the digital world and experience an easy way to shop from home. Mero laptop Kathmandu has to create a platform to buy SSD in Nepal with discounted prices and delivery services including Kathmandu and all over Nepal. Don’t hesitate to adopt online or offline shopping us.

Types of SSD

SSD is the most popular storage device in the Nepalese market, if you are paining to improve the performance of your device, you may choose sloid-state drives. There are multiple types of SSD in and different factors and protocols are used. Some of the various types of sloid-state-drive available in Nepal are mentioned bellows;


Our market is well-known for the 2.5-inches SATA sloid-state-drive which is most common among Nepalese customers. This is similar to the 2.5 HDD and perfectly fits your mechanical hard drive. The 2.5 SATA SSD can bust up a maximum speed of up to 600 MBps and this is mostly used on desktops because it is gradually bigger and thicker than other SSDs. The standard size of sloid-state-drive is nearly 7mm but also can find at around 9.5mm to 12.5 mm thickness.

mSATA Solid-state-drive

These SSDs are comparatively smaller than the SATA SSD and don’t fit into hard disk drive sockets. There is not much more difference between a 2.5-inches drive and mSATA SSD, however, you could normally find these thin and portable devices for example laptops tablets, and notebooks. Despite being similar, it has some factors to standard SSD which are lower power consumption, shock and vibration, resistance, and fast boot and shutdown capabilities. Before mSATA SSD, these came with capacities ranging from 32GB to 64GB.


The full form of PCIe SSD is a peripheral component interconnecting Express solid Drive. This is a high-speed enlargement card attached to the motherboard.  These are more compatible, in speed, and storage capacity rather than other sloid-state-drive.

peripheral component interconnecting Express solid drives are manufactured by the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG) and these SSDs are used for graphics cards and are ideal for user’s experience.

Where to Buy the SSD in Nepal?

Buy SSD in Nepal, before buying the SSD for your computer/laptop, we would like to suggest the read/write speeds, form factor, price, and so on.  You can choose multiple varieties of internal and external SSD in Nepal of different brands, prices, features, and storage capacities as well.

Sloid State drive is available online and offline stores at Mero laptop in Nepal, the price of SSD is dependent upon storage-wise and also differs in brands and models as well. If you need to change or upgrade the SSD of your computer/laptop in Kathmandu, Nepal, you can simply visit Mero laptop for a better and more affordable price range. The SSD price in Nepal varies on different factors like space, compatibility, speeds, brands, and different features as well.

Where to find Mero laptop in Kathmandu

If you are planning to buy SSD in Nepal, you can simply follow to find the trusted destination.

Location: NewBaneshwor, ThapaGaun, Kathmandu

Phone Number: 9848867389

Email address: [email protected]

For More Information Kindely contact us in above information and we also provide computer other accessories and we service center

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May 10, 2022

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