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Course Overview

laptop repair Training in Kathmandu

Nowadays laptop repair training is increasing day by day.  because huge demand for laptop sales in Nepal.  laptops and other devices are commonly used. So it could be beneficial if you do a laptop repairing course. Laptop repairing courses and training are cheap and easy to complete. If you have a good level, good experience, and a good connection with clients around your location, you can gain a lot in this field. It will not take long to earn 40k a month when you want to start a business with a laptop repair shop.

The laptop has many components inside the “motherboard” that function together to operate properly. Therefore, these days “Laptop cheap level repairing course” is another important course. This includes providing students knowledge of the workings of the internal micro parts of a Laptop. The chip-level laptop repairing course is one of the most demanding courses.

Some of the major problems with your laptops are: Shows errors, slow loading of programs, or unexpectedly shut down on your laptop. Although there might be many reasons for this, some are more serious than others. Fixing these problems in your laptop is the purpose of laptop repairing training. Students like to work in companies or enterprises over jobs.

Duty prospects are somewhat clear but the concern will start as well. Many students tend to start a personal laptop repairing business with the laptop computer course. The laptop repairing course has the most effective benefit of having no limitations on the type of repair. It all depends on services’ capabilities and quality. Thus you get a decent life ahead of you by following the most efficient laptop repair training in Kathmandu.

If you have any questions please pick up the phone and give a call at +977 9745610310, email us or come and visit us at Newroad, Pipal bot to Visit our Laptop repair training center in Kathmandu. 

Why choose us for laptop repairing Training?

Mero Laptop is the best one for any laptop course in Nepal. These are some of the reasons for relying on Guru Institute:

  • The laptop chip repair program, which opens the doors to many future accomplishments, can only be carried out with little investment.
  • Only at Mero Laptop, after completing laptop repair training at our institution, can we ensure a 100 % job placement of students.
  • A merely interested person can develop the much sought-after skills through laptop chip repair level training in just a short period of time.
  • With the Government of Nepal also supporting technical self-employment, independent technicians can easily be autonomous and also with manageable capital with a laptop repairing training certificate.
  • The spread of computer technology across Nepal means that people have to come to Kathmandu or go abroad to stay on good living in their local areas.
  • The laptop repairing course, without the requirement for academic qualifications, allows interested new students to gain high-level laptop repair expertise to help them succeed.
  • A new student can become an apprentice to a self-supporting expert in less than a short period of time after completing the program.
  • Allows trainees to participate in on-the-job projects that enable them to acquire experience during laptop repair training in Kathmandu

Benefits of Laptop Repair Training in Kathmandu

  • 100% practical platform for laptop repair training by mero laptop
  • Trusted laptop repair training center
  • Learn from experts and industry leaders  laptop engineers
  • The best practical platform for laptop repair training
  • Job assistance and guidance in Kathmandu
  • Lots of job opportunities after laptop repair training in Kathmandu 

Laptop Repairing Course in Kathmandu

This laptop repairing course is designed by experts in the field of laptops. Industry leaders of hardware technicians and service center engineers of multinational companies. Our laptop repair practical curriculum is totally designed on a practical based. In-depth laptop repair training, We provide a total practical platform for our students. In our course module, all laptop topics are covered in depth. Different models of laptops such as DELL, HP, LENOVO, ACER & Apple series are taught. Our course is globally certified in the field of laptop repair course. We are recognized as a global laptop repair training center in Kathmandu too. We have designed our course into different categories like

Module-01 (Basic laptop repair course in Nepal)

This is a beginner-level laptop repair course. It is specially designed for fresher levels. Who wants to join the first time. In this course, students will be able to learn the basic fundamental principle of laptops and desktops. How laptop is designed, Assemble and disassemble process of the laptop, knowledge about all the internal and external parts of laptop system. WIndows installation process in different models of laptop, Drive installation, and software updates of different models.

Module-02 (Advanced laptop repair course)

This is a second-level laptop repair course. It is designed for advanced-level candidates. Who wants to build their career in the field of laptop chip level repairing. Where required basic knowledge of laptop and electronics for joining this laptop repair course. In this repairing course, students will be able to fix laptop chip-level-related issues scientifically. Such as BIOS editing, Charging related issues fixing, No power on laptop issues, and No display on screen problems will fix.

Module-01 (MacBook repair Course )

MacBook repair course is made for repairing MacBook and iMac of Apple laptops and desktops. Basically, electronics knowledge is required for repairing apple laptops. Apple laptop series has different models such as Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and M1 apple laptops. In this course, we cover all the models of MacBook laptops. Who wants to develop their career in the field of MacBook repairing, They need to set up advanced level lab setups

laptop Training Center in Kathmandu

In the field of every laptop course in all of Nepal, The Mero laptop training center is the Best Place.  The laptop chip repairing course is one of the many knowledge streams on which we are focused. In addition to a highly informative and efficient computer hardware training scheme that includes both theoretical and on-the-ground knowledge.

WE are proud that 100% of our students have an appointment. The name of the GURU Institute spread throughout Nepal with more than 17 years of experience in the field of hardware education. Today students from every corner of Nepal come to our chip-level laptop repair and hardware training institutes.

While the norm is 3 months for Hardware training, it is only possible for students to complete the course at GURU in 25 to 30 days. The main reason is our strong understanding of the curriculum. Although the faculty requires so many qualities to become a graduate, our faculty has 17 years of experience and mastered this work since they can enable a student to gain expertise in advanced laptop training courses in 15 to 30 days.

Qualification for Laptop Repairing Training

For many trainees, this is a rather unclear question. You don’t have to worry a lot, however. Laptop repair training in Kathmandu is similar to other technical training courses where you just have to practice and learn your time. The course of laptop repair starts from basic level to absolute. Good knowledge of how the laptop works is an advantage for students.

Once you complete training in laptop repairing, you will be allowed to work as a higher top-level laptop repair technician to a Junior Technician. This opportunity is possible not only inside the country but globally.

How to join laptop repair training in Kathmandu?

We have two platforms for laptop repair classes online laptop repair training and offline. For distance learning laptops we conduct online classes. Next is the physical laptop repair class which is taught in a physical class. Students can join both classes subject matter is similar in this class.

You can join our laptop chip level training also

Need Online Laptop  Repair Training in Kathmandu

Laptops have become a basic need in today’s advanced technological and digital world. The number of people owning laptops is increasing day by day. Almost every sector or job requires a laptop to operate their day-to-day routine. Being an electronic gadget, it’s obvious that it is error-prone. Laptops are not that cheap so replacing a laptop every time it faces problems would not be a wise decision. So we then need a laptop technician is increasing very rapidly in this digital world.

laptop repair training in Kathmandu

Laptop Repairing Courses and their Need

With very high demand in the market, a lot of laptop repairing institutes are running effectively. A lot of youths are very fascinated by this course and the engagement is very massive. People are finding this course very effective as they can make a career out of it.

Key benefits on Why to take an online Laptop Repairing Course in Kathmandu

  • Everything is run by electronic devices nowadays. Imagine how many laptops and electronic devices need repairing daily? So, taking a laptop repairing training course is probably a clever idea. Unlike any other course, it guarantees a source of income.
  • These laptop repairing courses can be achieved and learned in a very short span of time like 3 to 6 months which is very less considering the scope it possesses. The minimum budget is enough to complete the course and you require limited resources to start a career out of it.
  • With enough knowledge and skills, you can become an adept technician. You will be familiar with modern technology, and electronic devices, and with this caliber you can expand your business which will earn you a lot of money and respect.
  • Laptops are one of the essential electronic devices in almost all organizations so you will become some sort of tech-geek and your need will be felt in many big companies which will certainly give you a boost in your career development.

Some tools are used for laptop repair training.

Knowledge is not always enough for repairing laptops and computers; we need to have tools that make it easy to work and helpful for finding the issue of laptops and computers. Mero Laptop has an advanced tool and lab for the trainee. Some of the useful tools that we prefer for students are given below;

  • BGAMachine
  • BIOS Programmer
  • CRO Machine
  • DC Power Supply Machine
  • Diagnostic Card
  • CPU Socket tester
  • RAM Tester
  • Multimeter

Here are some of the tips to excel yourself as a trainee:

  • Good Coordination and regular communication with your trainer will help you improve your skills and knowledge fast.
  • Give your extra time and practice more after you learn something until you get confident. You need to be fully motivated and dedicated then only can you excel
  • Evaluate your performance every day and measure whether you are improving each day or not
  • Try to be more creative and hardworking and contribute the most to your team. You may need to do more work but this will only improve you and your productivity.
  • Engage yourself with those who are dedicated and have the same learning appetite as yours.
  • Try to do more and more practical and practice until you get it.

Various career options for your online laptop repair training 

  • Full-time technician:- With enough knowledge and skills, you definitely have a bright future choosing this field as a full-time job. The need for a laptop technician is only increasing and you will have no problem finding an appropriate job.
  • Start your own business:- if you do not want to work for others then you can start your own repair shop with very limited resources. This won’t require massive investment so you are good to go. Make a career out of it and evolve.
  • Save your money:- if you do not want to work or make your career in this field then no problem, you will save yourself a lot of money repairing your own laptops over the years. You can impress your family members and friends with your skills. You can also make it a part-time job and make some money.

Other Services:

Second-hand laptops 

Laptop repairing tools 



Anyone can join the course. There is no bar whether you are strong technically or not.

Obviously, Laptop industry has emerged day-to-day around the Globe more laptop users are increasing more jobs opportunities are in the marketplace In Nepal, this market has enrolled 80% development. There are a lot of opportunities with the laptop repairing course.

Our Basic Laptop Repair course in Kathmandu is 2 Months in-depth program. Daily 1.5 Hours Theory + 1.5 Hours Practical Session. For chip level laptop Repair Training 4month

Yes we provide 100% Placement in Nepal and abroad

In our laptop repair Training course in Kathmandu, we provided total + certifications from various reputed global organization(CTEVT). Along with these we also provide Mero Laptop Technician Certification.

Mero Laptop presently offering Laptop Repair course in Kathmandu only. We also have in-depth online learning program which can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Quick Contact


    Saraswoti Timalsina
    Saraswoti Timalsina Laptop Repair Training

    Saraswoti Timalsina | Laptop Repair training | Student 2018

    Hello !!

    It’s me Saraswoti Timalsina from Kathmandu. Education is the act of teaching and receiving knowledge from someone else. It is necessary to develop critical thinking, Make Decisions, Interact with people, Boosting creativity.  Technical education is the study of technology…chip level laptop repair training is also one of the advanced technical courses in Nepal.

    Today I am working on Nepal’s popular laptop service brand DELL SERVICE NEPAL in the post of  Sales Manager. I have cleared Laptop repair training from One of the most brilliant service centers along with the training courses in Nepal – MERO LAPTOP. After the successful training, I got the best place for building my carrier in the technological field.  therefore, I am proudly sharing here that Mero Laptop is one of the most popular training and repairing centers in Kathmandu.

    If you are planning to become a technical expert in the future you must select the advanced training center for better knowledge. I suggest you join the Mero laptop for your bright future. I feel glad moment to share with you about the Mero Laptop is the branch of Guru Institute of engineering and technology ( NSTB certified Training Center In Nepal) located in the heart ok Kathmandu, Beneswor.

    Thank you Mero Laptop team!

    Saraswoti Timalsina

    Himalaya Joshi
    Himalaya Joshi Laptop Repair Training


    I am Himalaya Joshi from Kathmandu. currently, I am working at Acer service Nepal as a senior service engineer. Mero laptop is one of the best expert training centers in Kathmandu valley.

    if you are planning for building a carrier in laptop repairing, I suggest Mero laptop which is the branch of “Guru Computer” a brilliant and excellent training institute with an excellent trainer in Nepal. I Really enjoyed the course.  “Laptop Repair Training” Course.

    Thank you Mero Laptop Team !!


    Himalaya Joshi



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