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SSD (Solid State Drive) is a type of hard drive that is created by a solid-state electronic memory chip array that consists of a control unit and storage unit (FLASH chip and DRAM chip). SSD is widely known for its portability. Data error in these kinds of devices is not a new thing so SSD data recovery is very much essential in today’s context.

The normal hard drive fails due to age, usage, and mechanical wear and tear, the brand new normal hard drive would not fail so easily as the old hard drives with slow performance and symptoms of failure, SMART performance will be monitored during the BIOS for normally laptop and desktop to check the regular health condition. But SSD Solid State Drive fails un-noticeably without providing any prior symptoms nor any failure notice, One day it works and another the drive is dead and completely not readable and does not detect in any of the machines, it does not provide SMART parameters for the drive, hence it is difficult to notice the failing drives.

PCI Express Hard drives data extraction.

M2. NGFF Mini Sold State Drive used in thin laptop models which is similar to WIFI cards.

Solid State Drive – SSD Data Recovery

Data Recovery From SSD

The various manufacturers started SSD drives models with their own technology and R & D Team, the standards for manufacturing the same and stability is not yet maintained in the market. The drive controller and the memory varies from company to company and the model of working and combination of memory RAID or Non-RAID varies on each manufacturer with the model.

SSD Basically consists of 4 Main chip-sets or components

Micro Controller.

Flash or Storage.

Interface (like SATA, mSATA and Strip others).

Flash Cache in modern SSD to cache information on the fly.

The technology differs from each manufactures; we understand how the technology varies from each manufacturer and reverse engineer the same to recover data from damaged drives, ensuring maximum success rate on handling and recovering your precious data.

SSD Recovery

PCI or Mini SSD Recovery

The Laptop manufacturers are using the modern Solid State Drive as internal drives replacing the old mechanical hard drives, due to light weight and less power consumption than the older drives, the laptop like Mac Book Air, MacBook Pro is used with modern SSD with mini 12 pin, 16 pin, 24 pin and 18 pin connectors, the Lenovo, IBM and HP laptop uses micro pinned SSD with different ports for new laptops.


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