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Laptop repair in Pokhara

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Laptop Repair in Pokhara

Located on the lap of the mountains, Pokhara city is one of the most beautiful, civilized, and well-developed cities in Nepal. People in Pokhara have highly adopted the western way of living, i.e. living with technology. Pokhara is the hub of most high-tech businesses and industries. In Nepal, Pokhara is one of the cities with a higher number of laptop computer users, resulting need for a reliable shop for laptop repair in Pokhara.

In recent times, Mero Laptop, a shop for laptop repair in Pokhara has become a major attraction for the computer users of Pokhara. After Kathmandu, Pokhara is the biggest market for computer repair for Mero Laptop. The way people trust Mero Laptop for computer repair in Pokhara, we also trust our customers’ loyalty. We aim to provide the service of laptop repair in Pokhara in such a way that people’s work would not get stopped due to issues with computers.

Choose Mero Laptop for Laptop Repair in Pokhara

Mero Laptop Computer Shop is having great success in the Kathmandu Valley. People have trusted our service a lot and now we have regular and loyal customers in different parts of Nepal. We felt a high demand for laptop repairs in Kathmandu so we decided to offer the same high-quality computer repair service in Pokhara as well.

We aim to provide a high-quality laptop repair service in Pokhara with advanced technology and a special laboratory. We have a team of highly professional and well-trained technicians waiting for you 24 hours a day. Our technicians are qualified enough to solve your laptop problem and fix it in very less time. All accessories and parts we use are of original quality and therefore we offer you a comprehensive guarantee on most of our services.


  • All of the technicians are well-trained and certified.
  • Since we value your time, we ensure more than 75% of complex repairing on the same day if parts are available.
  • We are the least cost chargers in the market.
  • Available 24/7 days,
  • We use only branded and original parts and accessories.
  • We offer an extensive warranty/guarantee on most of our services.
  • We are available in many places inside the Kathmandu valley.
  • We value your time and money and hence our primary objective is to provide you with the best value for your money.

After knowing our uniqueness and features, what about repairing your laptop at Mero Laptop repair in Pokhara? As a rational customer, you certainly evaluate our uniqueness in your favor and we believe that your first choice for laptop repair in Pokhara is the Mero Laptop shop.

We offer almost all of the laptop repairing services at Mero laptop regardless of laptop brand and problem complexity.

Laptop Repair Services in Pokhara | Mero Laptop

Laptop repairing is a complex and highly sensitive task and that’s why it needs a special set of skills, caring, and responsibility. Mero laptop takes full responsibility for your laptop in terms of repairing it and returning it to you safely. We offer different kinds of services for laptop repair in Pokhara. Our Services are,

  • Display/screen repair and replacement
  • Keyboard repair and replacement
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Battery repair and replacement
  • CPU Repair and maintenance
  • Fan repair and replacement
  • Adapter replacement
  • Regular laptop servicing
  • RAM/SSD upgrade/Running slow issue solution
  • Water and breakage repair and maintenance
  • Heating problem solution
  • Touchpad repair and replacement
  • Laptop camera and speaker repair and replacement
  • Other repairing services

Best Laptop Repair Center in Pokhara

Mero Laptop is established in Pokhara to add beauty to the living standard of the people of Pokhara. Life is very classy here and people enjoy every moment. Almost all of the tourism and hospitality businesses are supported by computer technology, i.e. everyone uses laptops for their personal as well as business use. Any issue with their laptops would spoil their day and work. By repairing all brand laptops in a very short time, Mero Laptop adds value to people’s life in Pokhara. This is the reason why Mero Laptop is the best laptop repair center in Pokhara.

Having an issue with your laptop, directly contact us through a phone call, email, or website support section, or even you can directly visit our service center in Pokhara. We work as branch coordinators with Guru institute of engineering and technology Kathmandu.


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Ramesh Karki
Ramesh Karki

Mero Laptop is continually developing a new and innovative suite of services that make it faster, easier, and smarter in technology. Which provides total system solutions of hardware, software, communication, and other services.

Pashang Sherpa
Pashang Sherpa
Graphic Designer
Amazing customer service. Bought a used Laptop from them at a very reasonable price. A must checkout place if you want to buy a used Laptop or any other accessories. you can buy a MacBook, wind0ws, or another version of a computer at the market price.
Ganesh Danuwar
Ganesh Danuwar
Web Developer

A good location to buy the computers, laptops, accessories and other computer parts. The place had most of the modern items available. It’s on par with the common market pricing and can get a fairly quick service.


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