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Laptop Repair in Lalitpur

The laptop is a very essential electronic device in the world at the moment. Now, people mostly use the laptop in their daily life. There are a lot of laptop brands in Nepal like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Apple, MSI, Microsoft, Samsung, and so on. Laptops come up with various features and specifications such as RAM, storage memory, operating system, processor, battery, screen sizes, and different capacities.

As we know that Lalitpur is also part of the biggest city in Nepal, thus there is also a high number of laptop users here in Lalitpur. When you buy a new laptop, you get one-year warranty support from a related company. After all, you need a trusted laptop repair in Lalitpur.  If you keep vigilance about your laptop then could be run properly for around five to seven years. So, you need to service your laptop regularly from the laptop repair center in Lalitpur.

Laptops are made up of various components so usually, we don’t change a laptop instantly for minor problems.  Different parts can be repaired or replaced from the laptop repair center in Lalitpur.  Keyboard, RAM, processor, Storage memory, display, screen, battery, adapter, fan, motherboard, and other software applications can be repaired or replaced in a laptop workshop.

While using a laptop, you may suffer from various problems. Some of the minor problems can be solved in the home as well by troubleshooting. But in the case of basic to complex, you should have to visit a laptop repair center in Lalitpur, because you can’t fix it on your own. It needs to have the latest repairing instruments, skills, experience, and problems finding knowledge.

This is a bit frustrating that the laptop doesn’t work correctly, It is an inconvenience for the customer. Some of the common problems that customers face during the mobilization of their assets. For example, the computer doesn’t turn on, the screen is blank, the laptop turns off and turns on automatically, the laptop produces noise, The battery doesn’t charge properly, the keyboard keys stopped working, and so on.

Laptop repair center in Lalitpur

The market is full of digitalization in today’s scenario, everyone carries a laptop in a bag, or every institution has a computerized system. And sometimes your device doesn’t work properly, need a laptop repair in Lalitpur.  It has always been the hardest job for customers to choose genuine and authorized laptop repair in Lalitpur. But, no need to have a dilemma for repairing your laptop in Lalitpur.

Mero Laptop is here to solve all kinds of laptop problems. if you go through the internet and social media, you will easily find the Mero laptop. We were established more than 10 years ago and we are regularly delivering quality service in the town of Lalitpur. Always be aware while choosing a laptop repair center in Lalitpur, you must know their reputation, their work delivery, coordination with customers, trustworthy.

We are working on customer requirements, demand, satisfaction, and trust. It helps us to reach here and got more energy to deliver quality service in Lalitpur. our technician team can repair any brand of laptop. Under situations like these, undoubtedly you will search for a laptop repair center that guarantees you to have your laptop repaired in minutes, hours, or days if the issue is big. Mero Laptop Repair in Lalitpur is established by undertaking the above-mentioned problematic situations into consideration. In the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in Kathmandu valley, Mero laptop is a well-set brand for computer repair in Lalitpur.

Lalitpur city is known for its advancement in IT, computer technology, innovation, and big business centers. Mero laptop adds value to the identity of Lalitpur in terms of technology.

Introduction to the laptop repair center in Lalitpur

Laptops are the most essential devices in this 21st century. They are widely used in various sectors. As every gadget has a certain lifespan, laptops have 3 – 5 years. During this lifespan, they might undergo different technical issues. So Mero laptop solves such issues and problems and makes your laptop healthy.

Normally a laptop can have 4 issues or problems.

  1. Basic level issues
  2. Component level issues
  3. Circuit level issues
  4. Chip level issues
  • Basic level issues- It basically deals with simple software problems. For example driver issues, BIOS setup issues, and so on. If you are a tech enthusiast you can solve these issues by yourself. But in the absence of such we Mero laptop offers laptop repairing services.
  • Component level issues– If your laptop doesn’t show any symptoms of basic level issues, then we move to the second level of examination i.e component level issues. Our professional and expert technician will diagnose your laptop with technical knowledge. Multimeter, CRO, and other devices assist our technicians to analyze different components like Battery, CPU, Fan, Screen, Adapters, Keyboards, and other parts. If we find any issues in such components then we fix them immediately.
  • Circuit level issues- For solving these issues we need more technical knowledge and experts.  The technician must be familiar with all laptop sections performed like charging, Wi-Fi, screen, RAM Chip and RAM Slot, CPU Chip and Socket, PCI Slots, ROM Chip, Accelerated Graphics Port, North & South Bridge. They should have operational knowledge of advanced tools like BIOS programmer, DC Power Supply, oscilloscope machine, and other devices and instruments.
  • Chip level issues- This is the serious and highest level of issues that might be faced by your laptop. This issue can be quite expensive too sometimes. To solve these issues we have to go through a high level of the motherboard diagnosis process. In these issues, we might have to Change different chipsets like CPU, PCH, Microcontroller, and graphic chipsets. So we need a high level of experienced technicians and experts.  This is only the core level of repairing service provided by the laptop service center in Lalitpur (Mero laptop).

Benefits of a laptop repair center in Lalitpur

Joining Mero laptop is always beneficial for you for various reasons because it always thinks reputation is a most expensive gift for everyone. Here are some facts that could be beneficial for you.

  • Time to time repair service of your laptop
  • Data and your property security guaranty
  • Reasonable repairing price
  • No charge for diagnosing your device
  • Free customer support for mobile customer
  • Offer a discount on various events.
  • Well managed workshop, supportive staff
  • Solution of every brand of laptop in one place.
  • Genuine parts and components for replacement.
  • Hundred percentage of data privacy.
  • Seven days in a week service.
  • Repair by workshop engineer.
  • Pick up and deliver facilities inside Kathmandu valley.

Common laptop issues

Despite how gentle you try to be with your laptop, eventually, it is bound to have issues. Many people think that laptop repair is expensive. This is not true; laptop common problem can be solved at the lowest cost. Some of the common problems of laptops are given below;

  • Overheating- Overheating problems can rob your devices and sometimes system crashes and freezing. Computer/laptops generate a lot of heat due to their small size and lack of ventilation. Excessive dust also can block clogged air.
  • Battery Dying Quickly- The lithium-ion battery loses the ability to hold a charge after sometimes regular use. You need to replace your battery with an expert repairing center. Mero laptop provides a cheap laptop battery for you in Lalitpur.
  • Bad Keyboard- The keyboard might be damaged by something like spoiling a hot drink or tend to damage due to pronged use. For this kind of problem, you are also able to change by watching online videos or can visit the nearest repair center.
  • System Crash- Customers may panic from these problems, this is also a common problem of the laptop, if you have some hardware knowledge, you can solve it on your own or you can visit laptop repair in Lalitpur.
  • Viruses or malware- It can drastically reduce your laptop performance. For protecting from viruses or malware, installing antivirus on your laptop is a better solution for you. If you don’t know how to install antivirus, the Mero laptop provides software installation service in Lalitpur Nepal.
  • laptop computer repair near me– Believing everyone is the hardest job in a digital world because the internet makes possible everything nowadays. You are suffering from laptop problems and need a trusted laptop repairing center in Lalitpur or your local area. just google us as “Laptop repair center near me”, you will get the best destination to solve your problems. We will be available there as Mero Laptop

Why choose the Mero laptop repair in Lalitpur?

We have a team that can identify all the problems and properly solved them, Mero Laptop is a well-established organization here in Lalitpur. we serve more than 1000 plus customers on previous days and got a positive response from our clients. We have different branches in different cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. Trusted, down to earth on repairing field and customers follow up for laptop servicing.

Mero Laptop also offers an Annual Maintenance contract for those organizations that use the bulk number of laptops and computers. For example, educational institutions, financial institutions, government agencies, private organizations, training centers, and so on.

Mero laptop replaces the damaged parts with the original spare parts with a warranty. We can ensure that we are one of the genuine laptop part providers in Nepal. We offer you online pick-up, repair, and delivery services. As being one of the most genuine service centers we can ensure that your laptop won’t have any sorts of problem.

Services of a laptop repair center in Lalitpur

Mero Laptop repair center in Lalitpur provides all the services related to laptops and computers. If you are Lalitpur residential, you don’t need to worry about replacing or repairing your laptop in your town. We provide genuine parts and trusted repairing services in Lalitpur, Nepal.

  • Display/screen repair and replacement- Screen/Display is also a major part of computers or laptops, A cracked screen doesn’t give you a good vision. It looks terrible and inelegant display of your laptop. If you are facing this problem, we are here for replacing or repairing your display/screen.
  • Keyboard repair and replacement- The keyboard is a peripheral device that allows the user to input text into a computer system. Sometimes it may be damaged by the unnecessary fall of the laptop or spoiling hot drink as well. It can fix by repairing sometimes or have to change another keyboard. So come with us, we will find the best solution for you.
  • Motherboard repair and replacement- The motherboard is made in many circumstances where the motherboard can be repaired. In major cases, you have to replace the motherboard without replacing other components o laptops. If you suffer from these problems, come and we will solve them.
  • Battery replacement- After some time, the battery slightly loses the capacity of holding charges, the battery can’t be repaired. It needs to be replaced by a trusted laptop repair center in Lalitpur.
  • CPU Repair and maintenance- The central processing unit is also known as the brain of the computer. These are improvable parts, they can be upgraded, repaired, and replaced from the laptop repair center in Lalitpur. Mero laptop repaired the CPU of a computer and also replaced it.
  • Fan repair and replacement- The fan is used in a laptop for colling purposes while using a laptop, it generates some heat. Sometimes the fan doesn’t work and the system also can be crashed.  If you feel this problem, the Mero laptop solved this problem.
  • Adapter replacement- The adapter is a device that supplies power for an electronic device, it is also called an Ac adapter or charger plugin. It converts Ac power to a single Dc power but sometimes it doesn’t work and you have to replace it with an authorized service center.
  • RAM/SSD upgrade/Running slow issue solution- Random Access Memory is a short-term memory that stores data when the processor needs and a solid-state drive is the storage of computers/laptops that makes laptops faster than traditional HHD memory. If your laptop is the oldest version and running slow, you can upgrade or change SSD and RAM from Mero Laptop repair in Lalitpur
  • Touchpad repair and replacement- The touchpad is also the most usable part of the laptop, we may use a mouse but this is not appropriate all the time. so, you need to maintain or replaced it, if it doesn’t work properly. Mero laptop is here with laptop repair in Lalitpur for your better solution.
  • Laptop camera and speaker repair and replacement- The camera of the laptop is used for video calling and recording purposes, this is also called a webcam. And the speaker is also an internal part of the laptop that can be damaged by dust or anything else. These can be repaired or replaced by Laptop repair in Lalitpur.
  • Other repairing services- Mero laptop provides a lot of repair services in Lalitpur including laptop repair in Lalitpur, printer repair, projector repair, CCTV repair, other repairing providers, and so on. We have a certain warranty on component replacements.

Other branches of laptop repair in Lalitpur

The Mero laptop has other branches in different places in Kathmandu that provide repairing training and repair services. These are mentioned below;

  • Guru Institute of engineering and technology- Guru institute of engineering and technology is the leading laptop repair center in Kathmandu, this is located at Bhakti Sadak, Thapagau, New Baneshwar, Kathmandu. It provides laptop repair and repair training, printer repair and repair training, projector repair and repairing training, and so on.
  • Guru Computer solution – Guru computer solution was established as a quality service provider laptop repair center in New Road, Kathmandu. It is situated at the heart of Kathmandu, New Road, Pipalbot, Kathmandu. If you need a repair service over there, you can call +977 01-12345678. The Guru Computer solution is one step forward to enhancing trust.
  • Acer Service Nepal- Around Kathmandu, you can find some better repair center that provides some regularity, specialization, and genuine parts. Acer Service Nepal is also one of them in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is also located at pako Sadak, Newroad. Especially, If you are an Acer user, you can contact them at +977 9745610310. Acer service Nepal provides all the repairing and parts replacement services related to Acer products such as Laptops, Computers, Tablets, printers, projectors, and other Acer accessories available in Nepal.


Mero laptop in Lalitpur is a trusted laptop repair center in your beautiful city, and it is always dedicated to providing customer needs and quality service.  We serve more than 300 happy customers from laptop repair in Lalitpur and they are extremely happy with our services. Don’t waste your time to search a laptop repair center in Lalitpur, just trust the Mero laptop for your valuable assets.

We suggest you go authorized repairing center from where we will advance with repairing warranty and parts replacement warranty with affordable cost and time to time served.

For more information please contact us.

Address:  PipalBot, Newroad Kathmandu

Contact- Phone: +01 5327883 , +977 9745610310


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Ramesh Karki

Mero Laptop is continually developing a new and innovative suite of services that make it faster, easier, and smarter in technology. Which provides total system solutions of hardware, software, communication, and other services.

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Pashang Sherpa
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Amazing customer service. Bought a used Laptop from them at a very reasonable price. A must checkout place if you want to buy a used Laptop or any other accessories. you can buy a MacBook, wind0ws, or another version of a computer at the market price.
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A good location to buy the computers, laptops, accessories and other computer parts. The place had most of the modern items available. It’s on par with the common market pricing and can get a fairly quick service.


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