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Laptop Repair in Dhangadi

Dhangadi is one of the fastest-growing cities in Nepal. It is the only listed business area in the Far Western province of Nepal. The way Dhangadi is developing in terms of infrastructure, it is also advancing in industrial and computer technology. Whether it is banks, government offices, schools, colleges, or private companies, everywhere there is the use of computer technology in Dhangadi and all over Nepal. Mero Laptop is one of the major attractions for laptop repair in Dhangadi.

People have learned to adapt to the new computer technology and the use of laptop computers has skyrocketed in almost all sectors. When there is more use of laptops, the demand for laptop and computer repair in Dhangadi increases. Mero Laptop shop is the pioneer to use advanced technology for laptop repair in Dhangadi and meets the demands of laptop computer users for laptop and computer repairing.

Mero Laptop Shop for Laptop Repair in Dhangadi    

Are you compromising with your laptop because you don’t find a reliable laptop repairing service in Dhangadi? What about repairing your best-chosen laptop in the best laptop repair center in Dhangadi? It sounds quite satisfying, right?

With great success and a huge brand name in most of the places in Kathmandu valley, the Mero Laptop repair shop is now available in Dhangadi. We are here in Dhangadi to satisfy the laptop users’ repair demand in the same way we have satisfied in the other parts of Nepal.

Our motto is to provide a quality laptop repair service in Dhangadi with advanced technology and a dedicated lab. We have a team of highly professional and well-trained technicians eagerly waiting for you 24/7. Our technicians are qualified enough to find out the issue with your laptop and repair it within the shortest possible time. All the accessories and the parts we use are original in quality and thus we offer you an extended warranty on most of our services.

If you are a price-sensitive customer, then you are visiting the right computer repair center in Dhangadi. We focus on providing the best value for the money by offering affordable service charges.


  • All of the technicians are well-trained and certified.
  • Since we value your time, we ensure more than 75% of complex repairing on the same day if parts are available.
  • We are the least cost chargers in the market.
  • Available 24/7 days,
  • We use only branded and original parts and accessories.
  • We offer an extensive warranty/guarantee on most of our services.
  • We are available in many places inside the Kathmandu valley.
  • We value your time and money and hence our primary objective is to provide you with the best value for your money.

Why Choose Mero Laptop for Laptop Repair in Dhangadi?

Dhangadi would be a high-tech city shortly. To support the technology in Dhangadi, people need different kinds of technical support and repair centers. To meet those requirements, we are here in Dhangadi. The reason why you need to choose us is the variety of services we offer in Dhangadi. These services are;

  • Display/screen repair and replacement
  • Keyboard repair and replacement
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Battery repair and replacement
  • CPU Repair and maintenance
  • Fan repair and replacement
  • Adapter replacement
  • Regular laptop servicing
  • RAM/SSD upgrade/Running slow issue solution
  • Water and breakage repair and maintenance
  • Heating problem solution
  • Touchpad repair and replacement
  • Laptop camera and speaker repair and replacement
  • Other repairing services

We are all in one service center in Dhangadi. We repair all brand laptops and computers at Mero Laptop so that you don’t have to wander in the city. Contact us for laptop repair in Dhangadi. And we are alliance with Guru computer Solution Kathmandu.


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Ramesh Karki
Ramesh Karki

Mero Laptop is continually developing a new and innovative suite of services that make it faster, easier, and smarter in technology. Which provides total system solutions of hardware, software, communication, and other services.

Pashang Sherpa
Pashang Sherpa
Graphic Designer
Amazing customer service. Bought a used Laptop from them at a very reasonable price. A must checkout place if you want to buy a used Laptop or any other accessories. you can buy a MacBook, wind0ws, or another version of a computer at the market price.
Ganesh Danuwar
Ganesh Danuwar
Web Developer

A good location to buy the computers, laptops, accessories and other computer parts. The place had most of the modern items available. It’s on par with the common market pricing and can get a fairly quick service.


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