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Laptop Repair Center in Kathmandu 

Laptops and Computers have been in use with great importance in our daily life. With the increasing use and importance of laptops, we should have our laptops in proper condition for smooth functioning.  The laptop repair center in Kathmandu provides a world-class laptop repair center in Kathmandu with a professional expert in Laptop Repair.

It has been found that there is no proper facility for laptop repair in Kathmandu and all over Nepal. The laptop is an asset for the people like us and it should last long without any sort of problems.  We repair every brand of laptop with great efficiency and care. According to the research done in the Nepalese market of laptops and desktops, it is found that there is a huge demand for laptop repair centers in Kathmandu with professionals and experts in laptop repair. But there is a lack of laptop repairing centers with laptop repair experts.

Here at mero laptop, we have well-trained and experienced laptop repair experts. So, you give us your problem and we provide you with the best-suited solution. Remember us for any desktop and laptop repair in Kathmandu and other places as well. Be confident that your laptop is in safe hands and will be functioning properly after repairing it from Mero Laptop.

Introduction to Laptop Repairing Center in Kathmandu

Essentially PC fixing implies fixing the fundamental bug to cutting edge level specialized issues. It is the course of a precise method for fixing blunders. Specialized expertise is expected to fix workstations. An accomplished PC expert is required for quick fixing issues. PC fixing is isolated into 4 classes are:

Basic Servicing

In the first Phase of PC adjusting, on the off chance that you are confronting inconveniences like Screen breaking, battery harm, basic driver’s issues, working framework establishment, and other gadget disappointment we will fix your gadget within 60 minutes.

 Assuming that you have general information about PC issues you can address them yourself subsequent to having some information about them. In fundamental overhauling, we will clean the outer pieces of the PC to fix basic inconveniences.

Part Level Fixing

In the second degree of PC adjusting, subsequent to examining issues of the PC in the event that it doesn’t tackle from a fundamental level, we will attempt to analyze the issue from the part level it needs specialized and electronic information to fix parts. Utilizing Multi-meter, CRO, and different gadgets we will investigate each issue of various parts like Battery, CPU, Fan, Screen, Adapters, Keyboards, and different parts. In the wake of observing part disappointments, we will fix them.

Circuit Level Troubleshooting | Motherboard fix

This is a more specialized and master level for tracking down inconveniences and fixing them. In the wake of really taking a look at gadgets on the off chance that we can’t tackle from part level fixing, we will actually take a look at each circuit from the motherboard.

For this degree of fixing professionals, PC specialists ought to be able and thoroughly prepared by the best organization. The professional should know how all PC segments perform like: charging, Wi-Fi, screen, RAM Chip and RAM Slot, CPU Chip and Socket, PCI Slots, ROM Chip, Accelerated Graphics Port, North, and South Bridge, The expert who works in circuit-level they should know to work a high-level toolset. Like BIOS software engineers, DC Power Supply, oscilloscope machines, and different gadgets and instruments. For fixing PC progressed level issues.

Chip Level Laptop Repair

This is the fourth and generally high degree of PC fixing. For diagnosing a motherboard we need to it is a high-level motherboard finding process. It is additionally called the high-level PC fix process. Important to a piece of profound information on PC mistake fixing. The motherboard fix expertise is required for it. Changing different chipsets like CPU, PCH, Microcontroller, and realistic chipsets. Experienced talented professional required for this investigating task.

Benefits of laptop repair in Kathmandu is headed by one of the leading advanced chip levels Laptop Mobile Printer repairing centers in the heart of Kathmandu located at Bhakti Thapa Sadak, New Baneshwar Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

We all know that technology changes every day. It takes a new face from yesterday to today and varies from today to tomorrow. This is a never-ending process and as the development of technology takes place so does the development of gadgets starts to accelerate. As the rate of development increases the birth of E-waste takes place.

According to a 2014 Gallup poll, 89 % of youths (18 to 29) own smartphones and gadgets. Nepal is a country consisting of citizens having a less per-capita income. So repairing devices is the first priority of people instead of buying a new one. Technical obsolescence is not quite practiced in Nepal. There are many laptop repairing centers, mobile repairing centers, printer repairing centers in Kathmandu that are trying to repair gadgets, however, because of a lack of in-depth technical skills, there is a significant lag in quality, reliability, and responsibility in repairing services.

Laptop Repair Kathmandu (Merolaptop) provides services in laptop repairing, at various levels starting from basic software installations to Advanced levels of chipset engineering across different laptops and mobile phone platforms such as Dell, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, MI, LG, Sony, Lenovo, etc.

We also provide authentic toolsets such as dongles, digital multimeters, digital oscilloscope, diagnostic cards, the universal programmer (bios programmer), regulated power supplies, soldering wires, soldering flux, soldering desoldering station (soldering iron), etc. for laptop repairing, mobile repairing, printer repairing to engineering professionals. We also provide online support during working hours for quick remote services in troubleshooting various software and hardware repairing issues.

Our laptop repairing centers across Nepal also facilitate country unlock service operations with authentic signatures from the respective vendors for laptops and mobile phones. Our repairing tech experts in GLabs repair every dead uses case of laptops and desktops Data confidentiality, security, data backup, and reliability in service operations are primarily taken care of before addressing such critical issues in repairing.

Why choose us for computer repair in kathmandu?

 Accidentally when our laptop breakdown we search and visit different repair centers. There are lots of repair centers in Kathmandu but people are not satisfied because of different reasons. After a long investigation and research in the technical field, our team decided on an advanced way to provide the service all over Nepal. Some of them are described below:

laptop repair in kathmandu
                laptop repair in Kathmandu

 Expert Technical teamAn insignificant mistake can lead to irreparable damage to the computer components. This really is one of the reasons you need a good laptop repair technician to help fix any damage. Mero laptop repairs every brand of desktop, laptop, and notebook computers like Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Acer, Asus Toshiba, gateway, Sony, and more. We always recommend replacing and repairing the out-of-order parts will save your cost.

laptop repair in Kathmandu technicians deals with everything from on-the-spot LCD screen replacement, reformatting, Data recovery, and relocation to broad fixes, the network maintenance, diagnosis, service, and repair of all PC and Mac, models.

2. Original spare parts

If our laptop has been crashed after service warranty or outdated service time we don’t feel happy to replace the parts from the local market that is not a good option too. In this situation, you will search for a genuine parts provider for your gadgets. For you, the mero laptop organization is providing 100% genuine with a warranty you can confirm from the product key or from the tracking number. Laptop Repair Kathmandu has advanced diagnostic equipment and software to perform hundreds of tests in just a second.

3. Online Customer Service of computer repair in kathmandu

Laptop Repair Kathmandu ( is always committed to getting you back online as soon as possible. We realize that stay online whether for work or fun. We have hired lots of members in customer support for providing you with a better Laptop service in Nepal. You can ask for feedback, follow-up, offers, transportation, the courier of your demanding parts, inquiry of your choices, and other service provided by us through different social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.

4. Hand to Hand service by Laptop Repair Kathmandu

No matter how busy you are, you just contact us for repairing your devices we can provide technical support immediately. We will pick up your device from your location and also we will deliver after troubleshooting your devices you can really enjoy our services.

Laptop Repair Center in Kathmandu 
Laptop Repair Center in Kathmandu

laptop Repairing Center in Kathmandu | Services

Mero laptop is providing different services like computer and laptop repair center in Kathmandu, Printer repair, mobile repair to different pieces of training which are totally useable and needed in our technological life. there are lots of laptop repair centers in Kathmandu that claim they are the best for repair but we only focus on customer’s problems is the main reason why we are here since 2010. we have different services like:

  • Screen Repair and Replacement- The problem with the screen causes no display/blank display, partial blank display. We have a screen repair and replacement service facility for any of your laptop models of every brand.
  • Battery Placement- One of the most irritating problems with the laptop is the battery issues. Slow charging issues, poor battery durability, and battery heating causes the problem. We replace the batteries which are of great quality.
  • Motherboard Repair- Common problems with the motherboard are, the laptop not turning on, no power at all/no sign of life, blue screen error, random shutdowns, laptop acting unusual. We repair the motherboard in such a way that none of these problems occur on your laptop.
  • Keyboard replacement- You might face issues with your keyboard. Sometimes some of the keys or the whole keyboard fails to respond. In that case, bring your Lenovo device to us and get your keyboard replaced.
  • Touchpad Repair Solution- An irresponsive touchpad irritates everyone. If you face any problem with the touchpad on your laptop, get a proper touchpad repair service by visiting us.
  • Fan Change- Fan failure leads to overheating and it might result in permanent processor failure. To prevent this problem with your laptop, we have a fan replacement service.
  • Speaker Problem Repair – You might hear unclear or rough sounds from your device speaker. We repair the speaker if it is possible, otherwise, we replace it with a new one.
  • Overheating Issue Repair- Overheating issue occurs if the thermal pest in your laptop expires and even if a lot of dust is filled inside the fan. In these cases, we replace the thermal pest and we clean the fan so that your device remains cool while running.
  • Laptop screen repair and touch repair- The laptop screen is very sensitive even small pressure or mechanical shock and head can damage the laptop’s screen. Due to different physical activities like dropping the laptop or being hit by something on the laptop. A screen can be broken down. In such a condition you have to replace or repair the screen it would cost less than buying a new laptop. The laptop repair center in Kathmandu Nepal is the only company that provides all kinds of LCD, LED, or HD genuine laptop screens at an affordable price.
  • Wireless Issues Solution- Sometimes laptop fails to connect with the devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth speakers, wireless scanners, or other wireless devices. There might be a problem in settings, otherwise, the problem is in the wireless connecting hardware. We screen the problem and solve it.
  • The laptop screen is very sensitive even small pressure or mechanical shock and head can damage the laptop’s screen. Due to different physical activities like dropping the laptop or being hit by something on the laptop. A screen can be broken down. In such a condition you have to replace or repair the screen it would cost less than buying a new laptop. The laptop repair center in Kathmandu Nepal is the only company that provides all kinds of LCD, LED, or HD genuine laptop screens at an affordable price.
  • LCD cable repair – On the backside of the screen, you will find their electric cable connected by the prevalent conductive layer labels with numbers that are LCD cable. If your LCD cable is damaged there we can find lots of trouble like small spots appearing on the screen, white screen, very dim or no backlight, video flicker, etc. laptop repair in Kathmandu Kathmandu Nepal is only for your best and most reliable solution to such kinds of problems.
  • DC Power Jack repair- The electrical connector for supplying direct current to the PCB is the DC power jack. Scratching sounds from the DC jack, Getting hot after a few minutes of charging, and something burning smell coming from your PC are the symptoms of DC power jack damage. The laptop repair center in Kathmandu is providing different types of dc jacks for all kinds of laptops.
  • Motherboard repair and replacement- The exact definition of the motherboard is the main printed circuit board inside a computer. It makes and establishes a single platform to connect all the components and parts of the computer together. The electronic board is called “Mother “because all the components like Sound cards, Video cards, networks cards, etc are connected to it. The motherboard has a collection of chips and controllers which are called chipsets.
  • System and software Installation – Computer hardware and software both are interrelated or complementary to each other. Hardware without software and a set of programs cannot operate and software without hardware cannot be utilized. System software, Application Software, Firmware, Programming Software, Driver Software, Utility Software, etc. are some types of software that are used in our daily life. The laptop repair center in Kathmandu provides different software, drivers, and applications with suitable guidance.
  • Peripherals device repair and replacement – The external devices connected with the computer or auxiliary devices like mouse, keyboard, microphones, image scanners, etc. are used to put information into and get information out of the computer.

Without peripherals the communication between humans and computers is limited. Proper and good use of different peripherals will make you faster and more interactive with your work. The laptop repair center in Kathmandu Nepal is providing different types of devices and different technical supports to maintain or replace your peripherals.

Mero laptop Nepal has started the journey of repairing laptops 10 years and up to now, we have to repair almost 3-4 thousand laptops from different companies. Now we have established a powerful team to work in the repairing field of laptops, computers, mobiles, and other electronic gadgets. Our team of each member is well expert and trained to find the problem and provide a better solution. laptop repair in Kathmandu Nepal is providing better technical support on repairing and replacing motherboards.


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Mero Laptop is continually developing a new and innovative suite of services that make it faster, easier, and smarter in technology. Which provides total system solutions of hardware, software, communication, and other services.

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Amazing customer service. Bought a used Laptop from them at a very reasonable price. A must checkout place if you want to buy a used Laptop or any other accessories. you can buy a MacBook, wind0ws, or another version of a computer at the market price.
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A good location to buy the computers, laptops, accessories and other computer parts. The place had most of the modern items available. It’s on par with the common market pricing and can get a fairly quick service.


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