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Compaq was an information technology company founded in 1982 based in the United States founded by Rod Canion, Jim Harris, and Bill Murto.  Also known as Compatibility and Quality or CQ, Compaq developed some of the 1st IBM PC-compatible computers. During the 1990s Compaq becomes the largest supplier of PC systems which was overtaken by HP in 2001 A.D. and COMPAQ Service center in Kathmandu (Mero Laptop) started in 2015 in Kathmandu.

Unable to compete against the like of DELL and failing to keep up with the price wars, Compaq was ultimately acquired by HP in 2002 for mammoth 25 billion US dollars. Until 2013 Compaq became the brand of HP only to be discontinued in 2013. Its headquarter in northwest unincorporated Harris County, Texas, is now HP’s largest United States facility.

COMPAQ Service Center in Kathmandu |MeroLaptop 

Compaq laptop repair kathmandu
Compaq laptop repair Kathmandu

Our team especially focuses on repairing COMPAQ laptops and other related products here at our COMPAQ Service center in Kathmandu. Our personnel and experts at MERO LAPTOP are qualified and experienced enough to repair all models of Compaq.

With the help of your feedback and warm response, we have been excelling ourselves in the computer-related service. Nothing saddens us more than an unsatisfied customer, so we always stick to our core principle of providing quality service and warm hospitality to our customers.

Our team is concerned and determined to clear any hindrance and move forward to becoming the best choice for repairing, maintaining entire ASUS products including Laptops, TVs, mobiles, etc. in Kathmandu valley and all over Nepal.

For every customer that visits us with any laptop issues, we make sure they don’t meet us with the same problem any time soon. We are confident with our service as we have been successful to send many customers over the years totally satisfied.

Our fees are very reasonable and we provide the proper report of every issue that we fixed. This makes it easy for our customers to analyze the problems and be aware in the future. We are one of the best Compaq service centers in Kathmandu/ Nepal to have a higher customer satisfaction rate.

We value your faith in us and your time won’t be misused for trusting us as we have thousands of satisfied customers and experienced employees. We are at our best to repair and replace the faulty components/hardware to make your nonworking system into a functioning system. When you come up with the problem, we will solve it, it’s as simple as that.

COMPAQ Service Center in Kathmandu

Our main motto, at Mero Laptop, is to provide genuine service for COMPAQ laptops. If your device is not functioning well you can bring it to our COMPAQ laptop repair center and get an instant diagnosis.

A ‘Happy’ customer makes us happy and a ‘Satisfied’ customer makes us successful.

Our COMPAQ Service Center in Nepal provides the following hardware services.

  • Liquid Damage Repair Services.
  • Retina Display Screen, Blank Screen, or Dull Screen repair
  • Damage caused by liquid spills.
  • Repair/Replace Battery & Adapter
  • Logic Board & Motherboard Repair.
  • Keyboard Replacement for COMPAQ laptops.
  • Touchpad Repair/Replacement.
  • Hinge Repair Services.
  • Ram upgrade
  • SSD Upgrade services for any COMPAQ product.
  • Replace/Upgrade Memory/RAM for any COMPAQ laptops.
  • And many more…

Our COMPAQ service center in Kathmandu, Nepal provides the following software services.

  • Windows errors
  • Malware & Virus Removal,
  • Driver updates,
  • Windows installation,

Benefits of COMPAQ Service Center in Kathmandu

Our COMPAQ Service Center in Kathmandu is equipped with qualified experts who are willing to serve every model of COMPAQ laptop available in Nepal. Our team of Laptop repair is highly trained and certified in all aspects of IT with vast experience in repairing Compaq laptops. We do what we promise and our promise is to provide you with the best possible repairing service for your Compaq Laptop.

COMPAQ Service Center in Kathmandu has a world-class laboratory of COMPAQ Service Center in Kathmandu for diagnosing the problems that your laptop is having and we provide an unbeatable repairing service. We understand that the importance of laptops in our daily lives is huge and COMPAQ Service Center in Kathmandu would not make our clients feel frustrated by delaying the repair. Our efficiency is high as we fix the laptop damages within the allocated and assure you about guaranteed satisfaction.

  • Keyboard / Touchpad Replacement.
  • Genuine parts install on COMPAQ devices
  • Trusted and experienced COMPAQ laptop repair center
  • Same day repair services
  • Free Diagnostic by COMPAQ Service Center in Kathmandu.
  • Motherboard Repair.
  • DC Jack Repairs.
  • LCD Replacement and Repair.
  • Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal.
  • Spill Cleanup services.
  • Hard Drive Replacement.
  • Memory Upgrade Service.
  • Internal Cleaning services.
  • Overheating and Shutting Off Repairs.
  • System Tune-up and repairing.
  • Video Card / Chip Repairing.
  • Data Recovery Service.
  • Data Transfer Services


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